Legendary producer Icicle is now your mentor. Join him as he’ll be taking you through his perspective on producing a professional drum & bass track from the first kick transient all the way to the mastering stages.


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10 things you’ll learn inside this course:


Start-to-Finish Course

Never been done before: Icicle teaching production using Vital

Icicle is one of the most established and technically advanced producers in the Drum & Bass world. Consistently pushing the boundaries for years, he’s showcased techniques using the new Vital synth to bring a fresh perspective into music production.

Gain access to deep insight on his productions with 4+Hours of video as he explains his workflow for topics like drum synthesis, advanced bass synthesis, post processing, resampling, arrangements, composition, mixing, and mastering.

He walks you through his production process start-to-finish in Ableton and teaches you how to produce a professional drum & bass track from scratch with all of the project files included.

If you ever wanted to learn how to produce a deep techy DNB track with one of the best producers in the world through a logical structured & high quality course the you’ve come to the right place.


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What DAW is used in this course?

Icicle uses Ableton in this Start-To-Finish Course along with various 3rd party plugins such as, FabFilter Saturn, Vital, Addictive Drums, FM8, and a few others.

The knowledge and principles that are taught in this course can be applied to any plugins or DAW therefor it's not mandatory that you have the same plugins or DAW to follow this course.

We have had students successfully complete this course using Ableton, FL Studio, Bitwig, Cubase.

If you have any questions contact us at support@dnbacademy.eu

How do I access the course?

Once you purchase the Icicle Start-To-Finish Course you'll create an account with DNB Academy if you don't have one yet.

From there you'll be able to login and get instant access to the full course.

If you already have an account with DNB Academy then this course will get added into your account.

What skill level is this course?

This course is for advanced level producers.

If you're a new producer or you're a beginner struggling to learn music production we recommend that you start with our beginner program DNB Foundations.

Have any questions?

Send us an email support@dnbacademy.eu